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Corey Johnson – May 7, 2021 3PM EST

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B. Corey Johnson is a South Florida artist specializing in gold and metal leaf with chemical oxidation techniques. He has been honing his skills as a gilder over the last 20 years in the picture framing industry and through multiple restoration projects, and has been using those skills to create his unique art medium.

In this session, Corey discusses the process by which he creates his artwork and the philosophy behind why he creates them. He offered a live demonstration of a few chemical patinas and shared some finished pieces and works in progress. Think of it less like a lecture and more like hanging out with the artist. Grab a drink, and stay a while.

Barbara Wolff – February 12, 2021

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Burnished gold, together with glowing jewel-like miniatures, defines illumination. The dictionary tells us that illumination means to “endow with brilliance and adorn with burnished gold and brilliant colors.”   New York artist Barbara Wolff, one of today’s foremost manuscripts illuminators, has exhibited at the Yeshiva University Museum, The Israel Museum, and most recently at the Morgan Library and Museum. She has produced several critically acclaimed films on the technique of manuscript illumination. She is known for her contemporary use of the artists’ techniques of the great illuminated Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts.  In this presentation, Barbara demonstrates how she employs ancient methods and materials to create contemporary manuscripts. She covers gilding techniques, the uses of vellum, and the application of historical and modern pigments.

Some Previous Zoom Talks

Some Previous Zoom Talks are described below.

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Yolande Milan Batteau of  Callidus Guild  – Friday, December 11th @ 3pm EST

Callidus Guild is the vision of principal artist Yolande Milan Batteau, a trained and exhibited fine artist who brings decades of aesthetic and decorative skills to the studio. Batteau has honed her knowledge and physical mastery of hundreds of ancient materials and methods over the last 25 years, drawing inspiration from natural phenomena and artistic anthropologies alike. Batteau’s surfaces involve pushing marble dust, encaustic, resin, leaf, and micaceous powders beyond their historical limits. Callidus Guild conceives, designs, and installs surfaces and wallpapers for some of the world’s most illustrious clients, including Chanel, Tiffany & Co, and Graff Diamonds.

Previous Class: Basics of Verre Églomisé – An Online Workshop with Marybeth Ting –

This class covers the basic steps of reverse painting and gilding on glass. The use of different types of leaf, along with decorative paint finishes and techniques, will be explored. Students will complete a provided design and a freehand original.  Both beginners and students with some experience are welcome. Students may proceed through each unit at their own pace.