We are very excited to present the Society of Gilders Conference 2022 in Asheville, NC, Sept 19-23, 2022!

Registering for the conference may be a little more complicated than usual, because there is an added step due to our Covid policy. Start here and it will all be explained.

We also have a wonderful brochure, designed by our own Jill Deiss of Cattail Run Bookbinding, that has all the conference info and more.  You can share the link with everyone you know, and download your own copy.

Or, just hover over the “conference” tab and see all the different subjects for yourself.

Francis Lestingi Zoom talk from Friday June 3, 2022 now available

Francis Lestingi, PhD., is an award-winning sign carver and gilder.  He is President of Signs of Gold and Professor Emeritus of Physics at SUNY Buffalo.  Francis describes the influence of gold on the world, from the molecular level to the space telescope.  He combines his two specialties in an entertaining Zoom presentation, when he presents Gold as you’ve never thought of it before! 

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CALL FOR MEMBERS: All That Glitters: The Society of Gilders

Winter 2022 Exhibit at the Polasek Museum

WINTER PARK, Fla. – The Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens is now accepting submissions for All That Glitters: The Society of Gilders, an exhibit in partnership with The Society of Gilders, an international and professional association devoted to the art and craft of gilding. This exhibition will run December 13, 2022, to April 16, 2023. 

It is only open to members of the SOG.  Application deadline for entry is 5:00 PM EST on Friday, September 30, 2022.

For details and the application, please log in and click, or log in and go to “Shows > Polasek”

You are welcome to join the SOG now, and participate in this exhibit.

Conference Preview as of January, 2022

SOG Conference 2022 – Gilding in the Land of the Sky  Asheville, NC – Sept 19-23, 2022


We have gotten the conference planning off to a good start and are continuing to iron out some of the details.  A small group of us will go to Asheville in March to see things in person and make additional arrangements.  We hope to have all of the information for you in the spring. This is the most advance notice we have had for a conference! 

We will be staying at the Four Points by Sheraton (now a Marriott property) in downtown Asheville, and rooms at the conference rate will be $99 (plus tax) for a double.  We will publish the link to make reservations, so stayed tuned. We will also provide a sign-up if you want to find a roommate.

Classes will be held at the Asheville Masonic Temple, also downtown, which is a stately and glamorous building with many different rooms. The hotel will be available if we need even more space, so we are all set for large numbers of students and classes.  

The community project will involve some frame restoration as well as gilding an exterior sign for a local non-profit – we will have more details after our March visit.

Thanks to the generosity of many donors to the Sandra Spannan Scholarship fund, we will be offering one or more scholarships – which will pay for tuition and supplies for a single class.  The scholarship application will be available on the website in a few months.

The social events are in the works, and may involve one of the famous local breweries!

Asheville has a lot of things to do and see, such as the Biltmore estate, and its many craft breweries.  We are looking into arranging a private tour of the Biltmore, but even if we can’t, it is well worth visiting.   If you are making plane reservations, you may want to add on a few days for sightseeing.

As far as the Covid virus goes, we have to hope for the best.  It is possible we may need to see proof of vaccination, and it may still be in fashion to wear masks at the conference.  We will do whatever the best practices are, to protect our attendees – you are all precious to us!

Art of Gilding online class with Marybeth Ting

Videos Available April 15, 2022! 

Registration opens March 30, closes April 15.

Learn how to use genuine gold leaf on glass to transform your artistic vision to gold. Explore the verre églomisé process and much more. Details here.

SOG members will receive a 10% discount, using the code that you will find on the “Member Welcome” page after you log in and scroll down.








To read about our previous Zoom Talks, scroll down.

AUGUST ZOOM LECTURE by Alison Woolley – Recording now available for our members.  Log in and go to Education > Gilders on Zoom, or click here

Or, you can join the Society of Gilders here

Alison is a master artisan recognized by the region of Tuscany. She discovered a passion for art when very young and was fortunate to be able to train through art college in Toronto, then through apprenticeship in the disappearing ‘botteghe’ (small  artisan workshops ) in Florence, Italy.







She has become a specialist  in the decoration of harpsichords using techniques of hand painting and gilding, and this type of decorative work has inspired the production of her own line of hand painted scarves. She works and teaches traditional media in her studio in Florence.

B. Corey Johnson- May 7, 2021 3PM EST- Recording Available

To watch the recording, log in, go to Education > Gilders on Zoom. Or, you can join the Society of Gilders here








B. Corey Johnson is a South Florida artist specializing in gold and metal leaf with chemical oxidation techniques. He has been honing his skills as a gilder over the last 20 years in the picture framing industry as well as through multiple restoration projects, and has been using those skills to create his own unique art medium.

In this session Corey discusses not only the process by which he creates his artwork but also the philosophy behind why he creates them. He offered a live demonstration of a few chemical patinas and shared some finished pieces and works in progress. Think of it less like a lecture and more like hanging out with the artist. Grab a drink, stay a while.

Barbara Wolff – February 12, 2021 – recording available

To watch the recording, log in, go to Education > Gilders on Zoom

Burnished gold, together with glowing jewel-like miniatures, defines illumination. The dictionary tells us that illumination means to “endow with brilliance and adorn with burnished gold and brilliant colors.”   New York artist Barbara Wolff, one of today’s foremost manuscripts illuminators, has exhibited at the Yeshiva University Museum, The Israel Museum, and most recently at the Morgan Library and Museum. She has produced several critically acclaimed films on the technique of manuscript illumination and is known for her contemporary use of the artists’ techniques of the great illuminated Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts.  In this presentation, Barbara demonstrates how she employs ancient methods and materials to create contemporary manuscripts. She  covers gilding techniques, the uses of vellum, and application of historical and modern pigments.

PREVIOUS CLASS: Glass Gilding: Metal Leaf Series with Marybeth Ting

A guide to gilding with metal leaf such as composition gold, copper, bronze, aluminum, and a variety of variegated leaf in both water and oil size. Different methods and a combination of techniques will be applied through multiple projects.  Life Time Access to Workshop Videos ♦ watch on your own schedule.

Some Previous Zoom Talks are described below.

To watch the recordings, log in, go to Education > Gilders on Zoom

Yolande Milan Batteau of  Callidus Guild  – Friday, December 11th @ 3pm EST

Callidus Guild is the vision of principal artist Yolande Milan Batteau, a trained and exhibited fine artist who brings decades of aesthetic and decorative skills to the studio. Batteau has honed her knowledge and physical mastery of hundreds of ancient materials and methods over the last 25 years, drawing inspiration from natural phenomena and artistic anthropologies alike. Batteau’s surfaces involve pushing marble dust, encaustic, resin, leaf and micaceous powders beyond their historical limits. Callidus Guild conceives, designs and installs surfaces and wallpapers for some of the world’s most illustrious clients, including Chanel, Tiffany & Co and Graff Diamonds.

Previous Class: Basics of Verre Églomisé – An Online Workshop with Marybeth Ting –

This class covers the basic steps of reverse painting and gilding on glass. The use of different types of leaf, along with decorative paint finishes and techniques will be explored. Students will complete a provided design, and a freehand original.  Both beginners and students with some experience are welcome. Students may proceed through each unit at their own pace.

Golden Paint, Friday November 13 at 3PM EST

Who doesn’t use at least one Golden product?  A team from this maker of premier paints, mediums, and other art materials spoke with us about the history of the company, their production process, the products they make that are relevant to gilders, such as acrylic paints on real and imitation leaf, mica pigments, and crackle paste.  They provided links to some of the products discussed

 Bill Adair – Friday October 9, 2020, 3 PM EST

William (Bill) Adair is a frame conservator, frame historian, and master gilder.  In this very unusual talk, Bill Adair takes us on a spiritual journey involving water-gilded doors. He is creating water-gilded doors, with each one being set in a special, often historic location, around the world.  People are invited to write their thoughts about the door, doorways,  reminiscences, and so on, leaving a unique, meaningful tribute to the time and place.  He will be telling stories about the evolving role of the doors in people’s lives.  Bill then takes us through his studio, and shows his incredible collection of frames from ancient times to modern. Bill was the first President of the Society of Gilders, and he discusses that along with viewers Peter Sepp and Larry Neuberg.


Manetti Gold Leaf  – Friday September 11, 2020, 3 PM EST

Giusto Manetti Battiloro is one of the world’s leading producers of gold leaf, with a history spanning over 400 years.  Join us for a view behind the scenes at the company HQ in Florence, Italy.

August 14, 2020 at 3PM EST – Lynne Rutter – Lynne will showed us her studio and talked about how she became a decorative artist, and how she and finds inspiration and technical confidence for her artwork.  Link to the recording is now available.  Log in and go to “Education”>”Gilders on Zoom” to get the link to the recorded talk.

Lynne Rutter is an artist and muralist based in San Francisco whose work spans three decades of experience and emphasizes site-specific design and authentic materials and techniques. Gilding has long played an important role in Lynne’s practice whether in restoration, ornamentation, or her large scale paintings. You can see more of her work on her blog The Ornamentalist .  Lynne will show us her studio and talk about her business, and how she and finds inspiration and technical confidence for her artwork.

July 10, 2020 3PMPierre Finklestein 

Pierre gave a fascinating talk, including focusing on gilding from a decorative artist’s perspective, and showing many examples of his incredible trompe l’oeil work.  He also offered a code for a 15% discount at fauxbrushes.com, to SOG members only, good until July 25.  Log in and go to “Education”>”Gilders on Zoom” to get the code and the link to the recorded talk.



A Personal Message to all of my Gilders:

I am sure you are already inundated with messages from your bank, physicians, local government, stores, and everyone else, so here’s another one. I hope this finds you all well and safe. My heart goes out to all of you, especially those who I know are already struggling with serious illness. It is scary not to know the future; the suspense is really getting to me. If you need to talk about things, send an email to president@societyofgilders.org with your phone number, and I’ll call you.  I also recommend meditation, yoga, the app “Insight Timer”, and making stuff.

We are in an unexpected situation. I know that as artists, many of you are resistant to following the crowd and insist on doing your own thing. However, in this case, what you do can affect all of us for the worse, so even if it is spiritual anathema to you, please do what your local government advises, and just deal with it later.

The Society of Gilders, not having a physical central location, is operating as usual as I write this. We are accepting new members, renewals, updating the website, and planning for future conferences. If you have general questions, you can still contact Elizabeth at sogexsecretary@gmail.com (mailto:sogexsecretary@gmail.com) , or 888-991-7676. If you have gilding questions, we will pass those on to the appropriate person. Let’s use this time to create what we can, explore new artistic forms, and be kind to those around us – they are just as worried, maybe more than you, even if they don’t show it. And of course, we welcome stories on “How I spent my Corona Virus Isolation” for the next Gilders Tip issue!

All my love and prayers,



        As we embark on this new decade, many “golden” educational opportunities await our members. The Society of Gilder’s very own, Peter Miller, will be offering his 2nd gilding class of 2020:

Water Gilding Workshop: From glue to gilding and everything in between

This 4-day workshop will provide the student with an immersion into the ancient decorative art of traditional water gilding.  The class is suitable for the novice as well as gilders interested in improving their techniques.  It will be held  in Peter’s Berryville, Virginia studio.

Date: Friday, June 26th – Monday June 29th, 2020
Location: P H Miller Studio 1 East Main St Berryville, VA 22611
For additional information or to sign up click HERE.


A successful conference was held in 2019. Click the image to see class and lectures offered. Stay tuned for the next conference, in 2021. Regional and individual classes will be offered in the meantime. Contact the education chair for more information.

Click the SOG 2019 Conference cover page image above to download the full catalog to your computer.


Past Regional classes offered by Society of Gilders teachers:

  • Water Gilding on Panel taught by Jill London at Easy Leaf in Los Angeles
  • Gold Leaf Techniques taught by Anne McDonald in partnership with Better Letters at Dongbai International Airbrush School and the Society’s own Museum of the Gilding Arts in Pontiac, IL
  • Gilding for Painters taught by Lynne Rutter out of her studio in San Francisco
  • Water Gilding taught by Peter Miller out of his studio in Berryville, Virginia
  • Glass Gilded Signage (Verre Églomisé) taught by Sandra Spannan out of her studio in Harlem, and by Leah Beth Fishman out of Easy Leaf in Los Angeles




Stay up to date on upcoming classes here and by email. Private classes may be arranged: please contact education@societyofgilders.org.

Education – classes page

Looking back to a successful 2017 conference in

Arlington, TX

Images from Arlington, TX. From top: Bruno Toupry, SOG réparure instructor, and student, John Felton, at work; Michael Gilbert’s toning and patinas class; verre églomisé instructor Sandra Spannan demonstrates painting techniques; Drawing instructor Aline Putot shows off her edge-gilded books made in Samuel Feinstein’s class; Michael Gilbert and Elisabeth Caron share a laugh; SOG treasurer Jorge Jiminez, shown with Stuart Galloway, beside one of the products of our Community Project – a gilded altar for a non-denominational University of Texas, Arlington, hospital chapel.


Welcome to the Society of Gilders official website

The Society of Gilders is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the art and craft of gilding. Our mission is to preserve traditional gilding skills and techniques, and to promote the highest standards in the practice of gilding.

Our members use gilding in all its applications, including architecture, fine art, framing, signage, and manuscript illumination.  The organization is a valuable resource for gilders, restorers, conservators, craftsmen, and all those interested in the gilding arts. Our classes and conferences bring gilders together from around the globe to learn, discuss and share. Our community projects give back to the community while fostering gilding skills.




Society of Gilders Members Get Their Kicks in Pontiac, IL, at the  grand opening of the Museum of the Gilding Arts, 2015


Find out more about the museum here . View pictures from our 2015 Chicago “Wind-y City” conference and Museum of the Gilding Arts (MOGA) day-trip at Dropbox.

Museum of the Gilding Arts Featured in the Bloomington Pantograph and a travel site