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gilded proscenium-web

Where: Pontiac, Illinois

When: April 14 through 19, 2016

What: Gilding the proscenium arch at the renovated Eagle Theater and gilding a little fiberglass art car that will be on display in front of the Museum of the Gilding Arts.

Details: Work in progress, above. We parcel gilt elements of the arch. It was oil gilded, mostly using patent and roll leaf.

Certification Requirements: The arch is approximately 16 ft. high, 40 ft. long and 16 in deep, so scaffolding was needed. To work on the scaffold above 6 feet, you MUST be OSHA trained in Scaffold Safety. Online training is available at (cost $20) or at Volunteers asked to do the sizing for the project MUST have had OSHA certified HAZCOM training (also available at the above online training sites).

The art car gilding was also done at the Eagle site, with a combination of gold leaf and aluminum leaf.


See more about the Eagle Center at the City of Pontiac’s Visitors’ site.




Meals: The City of Pontiac  generously gave each volunteer meal vouchers for lunch and dinner during the project.

Proscenium Closeup-1-1

Arch Dimensions