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The SOG Conference brings together some of the best gilding instructors from all over the world, offering affordable intensive classes to support the gilding community.  Members of SOG enjoy discounted conference registration and early access to classes.

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A wide variety of classes on offer. Classes and instructors are listed below. Please review and REGISTER for the conference. Once registration is complete you’ll receive an email with a link to access the full class offerings, dates, material requirements and pricing.


Oil Gilding – Metal Leaf Finishes – Michael Kramer
In this 2 day class students will learn the history and  the basics of oil gilding, from preparation to installation. Using imitation gold leaf, copper leaf , aluminum leaf, genuine gold leaf and mica powders, participants will prepare and gild a variety of surfaces including flat panels and complex moldings. Learn more and register for class


Drawing into Gold:  Verre Églomisé – Lynne Rutter
This class emphasizes designing for the inspiring medium of verre églomisé. Reverse glass gilding has many artistic and useful applications such as table- tops, backsplashes, cabinet doors, wall panels, and so much more. Create a lovely gilt glass piece in hands- on practice while learning the many possibilities of this exciting art. Advanced work is encouraged by designing for your strengths. Learn more and register for class


Traditional Water Gilding – Peter Miller
This class is suitable for the novice as well as for those gilders who are interested in improving their skills and techniques.While we use the term introduction to… , this workshop provides the student with an immersion into the ancient decorative art of traditional water gilding. Learn more and register for class


Professional Gilding and Sign Painting: Three Day-Intensive – Joe Balabuszko
This hands-on three-day course with a Master Gilder & Journeyman Sign Painter teaches gilding fundamentals, hand lettering with One Shot enamel, and horizontal and vertical silk screening. Traditional methods meet modern-day applications. This class will leave you with the inspiration to try new art techniques or even a new career. Learn more and register for class


Printing on Hand-Gilded Paper – Barrie Lynn Bryant
What participants will learn in my workshop is how to use high karat gold leaf in their digital printmaking process. Learn more and register for class



Frame Repair/Restoration and Touch Up – Mitch and Micki Cavanah
This class will cover the basics of repair and restoration for old/antique frames along with touching up the finish of a gilded frame. We will cover how to properly evaluate a frame that has damage, structure, and surface stabilization. We will demonstrate how to attach a cradle to the back of a frame. Learn more and register for class


Artistic Alchemy: Oil Gilding with Chemical Patination – B. Corey Johnson
Unleash your inner alchemist in this 2-day metal leaf gilding workshop. Explore creative application techniques and experiment with chemicals to achieve stunning effects on copper, brass, and silver leaf. This class is perfect for gilders of all levels seeking to push the boundaries of traditional gilding. Learn more and register for class


Traditional Kintsugi. The beauty in ImperfectionCatherine Lignier
The course is appropriate for all levels, and no previous experience is needed. In this class, you will receive complete instructions on how to repair a broken ceramic and give it new life. The authentic Japanese practice of Kintsugi is an ancestral method that uses Urushi lacquer and pure gold powder. The training I received was passed down within one family of 3 generations of Urushi masters. Urushi is food-safe, enabling you to use your ceramic piece again, integrating it back into your daily life with its exquisite repair. Learn more and register for class


Loose Leaf Gilding with Noble Metals – Jill London
Develop your hand skills with 23Kt Gold Leaf, and Palladium leaf, using the traditional gilders tools: a gilder’s tip, a gilder’s knife, a skew brush and a gilding pad. This class is geared to folks who want to learn more skills in working with loose leaf and applying both quick and slow size on boards for future gilding work. Learn more and register for class


Drawing the Acanthus Leaf – Aline Putot
To learn the secrets and hidden codes of ancestral leaves, flowers, and architectural ornaments such as the acanthus leaf. And to learn how to draw the acanthus leaf in its various styles. Learn more and register for class


Nihonga – Aline Putot
Learn how to create paintings using natural supports, natural pigments and metal oxides, following traditional Japanese ways. Learn more and register for class



Introduction to Japanese Sunago Bridgette K Schnider
Learn the beautiful one-of-a-kind gilded method of Sunago (fleck gilding) that can be used on paper, wooden boxes and more, using loose leaf and specific Japanese gilding tools. It is suitable for both beginners and seasoned gilders.
In this one-day class we will learn how to make different types of flecks, try traditional and alternative ways to prepare our surfaces, and discuss the adjustments needed for different metals. We will start by dyeing white cotton paper to enhance gild, then gild colorful mulberry paper, the dried dyed paper and a small wooden box. We will end by decorating one of our cotton papers with Japanese paints. Learn more and register for class


Illumination with Shell Gold – Bridgette K Schnider
In this three-day class we will explore different ways to transform loose leaf gilding metals into a brushable form commonly called “shell gold” for use in traditional paper illumination. Learning to make it also allows a gilder to make custom blends of shell metal that may not be available from a commercial supplier. Learn more and register for class


Sgraffito, Granito/ Amati, Sablé, Pastiglia – Bruno Toupry
The objective of these courses is to teach decorative techniques for water gilded surfaces: Pastiglia (relief gesso), Sgraffito (engraving through egg tempera paint layers to reveal gilded designs/decorations), punching and incising. During these two days, the student will learn these 4 timeless decoration techniques, which comprise learning how to make tempera paint, gesso sottile, tempera red bowl, and gilding tempera. They will also learn how to use the tools, such as the burnishing agate stone. To serve as working documents and art history references, the teacher will provide the students with pieces of gilded wood from the 17th and 18th century eras. Learn more and register for class


Reparure- Gesso Engraving and Carving – Bruno Toupry
Learning classical French réparure (gesso engraving and carving) on 17th century motifs, and how to execute them using the proper tools. Learn more and register for class



Toning Bruno Toupry
The student will work on a minimum of 3 or more golden objects that they bring from home. These objects will be objects of study and serve as references for different techniques. Ideally, these must be a collection of both water gilded objects and oil gilded objects (mixtion). If not possible to bring a mix, any gilded object will work. You will learn to age your gold to give it from a fifty, up to a 200 years old look! Learn more and register for class



Gilding for ArtistsRichard Walker
This course is specifically directed towards those who wish to use gilding within their arts. Aimed at water colorists, oil painters, mixed media and 3D artists, the course will cover the following topics: water gilding, oil gilding, instacol. Learn more and register for class


Understanding the Instacol system – Richard Walker
This topic will introduce students to a wide range of contemporary gilding practice through the Instacol systems. It will also show tweaks and methods of improving existing gilding through a range of widely unknown products and secrets. Learn more and register for class


Contemporary Stenciling and Gilding – Heidi Zilmer
In this creative gilding class, we will work with gilding techniques in new ways. Do you want to work creatively with imitation leaf and various oxidized metals? This class will give you the basic knowledge about various types of metal leaf, acrylic gold sizes and options to work creatively with stencil and transfer techniques. Learn more and register for class



SOG 2024

THE SOCIETY OF GILDERS CONFERENCE 2024! DATES: AUGUST 5-9 2024, Charleston, South Carolina In-person classes will be held at the American College of the Building Arts

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