Admin Directions for Website – Mailchimp

The dasboard page has a list of icons on the left side. 

The first one below the monkey, the initial in the box, leads to your Account, and also has a link to the Support pages.  You can see all of the Mailchimp “users” and their roles – Administrator, manager, editor, etc .  The administrator assigns the roles.  Explanations are here:  

Subscriber list: The fifth icon down controls the lists of people that we mail to.  We only have one permanent list; “SOG Members newsletter”. (Sometimes we make a list of conference registrants, or others as needed). Click on this title in blue to see the actual list of subscribers.  You can sort alphabetically by clicking on some of the headings, such as email or Full Name.  To get information on a specific person, click on their email.  To find a person, click on the magnifying lens and type in part of their name or email.

Groups: Each subscriber is assigned to a group.  To view the groups, click on Manage Subscribers>Groups.  The two groups are members and non-members.  Click on “groups” on the right of each of these to view the sub-groups: the different membership levels, or the contact page/interested, etc.

Assigning subscribers to a group:  When a new member joins, they are automatically entered into the list and assigned to the correct group.  If they change their membership level, both levels will be checked, and there does not seem to be a way to fix this, other than to delete and  manually re-enter the person. When someone signs up on the SOG website, their name is added to the list, and they are assigned the “Contact page/interested” category.  When a membership expires, that person is added to “expired”, but still has to be unchecked from their membership group. To do these, search for the person’s name, click on their name in blue, and scroll down to “Groups subscribed to” >Edit.  Check or uncheck the boxes as needed, then hit save.