Admin Directions for Website – Event Espresso

These directions apply to class listings; it is slightly more complicated to list conference events.  This also assumes that people are likely to add only one event to the shopping cart, so they are then directed to the cart and on to purchasing. 

1.Venue: Dashboard > event espresso(EE) > Venue manager.  “Add new venue” > enter information, save.

2.Event: center of page

  • EE > event overview > “add new event”. (First, fill in the center of the page, then we will go to the sidebar.)  Enter title (I usually put “title – teacher – month year”) , then description.       
  • Date/time: Registration opens whenever you want; it closes three weeks before the start of class.  I use the times 12AM for opening and 11:59 PM for closing, for registration and event times.
  • Price: Anything that is required, like materials, should be added in to the tuition price.  For optional items, like tools, create a separate amount that is the total of class + tools, and click on “add a price” to enter it.  Do the same thing for non-member and member columns.  Make sure instructor has included the SOG $50/$100 fees to the base prices. I add $5 to tool fees as well.
  • Advanced Options: select venue from drop down list and the center of the page is done.

3. Event : side barweb-EE

  • attendee limit – set max number of students      
  • Allow group… = yes
  • Max group… = blank
  • Additional attendee info… = personal  only
  • Active = yes (if you want it open now)
  • Status = public
  • Display description= yes
  • Display registration… = no
  • Default payment = pending
  • skip to “Featured image ” – this is optional
  • Members only? usually “no”
  • Mail Chimp + SOG Members newsletter
  • Event category = choose appropriate one, or add new (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!)

Hit “Submit new event” and you’re done.