Con 2022 – Community Project

This entire event is sponsored by Easy Leaf Products

The 2022 community project will consist of two projects, done together at the Asheville Masonic Temple, where our classes are held. Both items will be donated to The YMI Cultural Center Asheville:

Project Item #1 – Sign for the YMI
Dr. Francis Lestingi is donating the sign, which he will hand-carve and prep in advance.  We will gild the new logo with 23.75K gold, suitable for outdoor use.

Old sign




New Sign





Project Item #2 – Restore an antique frame for a YMI archival photo
We will make repairs to the structure of the frame as well as cast and replace missing
ornament on the frame. We will gild the frame with 22k gold leaf and then antique the
frame to an age-appropriate patina.

Approximate schedule – may change as work progresses:
Monday – Size letters on the sign (Item #1) – Begin repairs on the frame. (Item #2)
Tuesday – Lay leaf on the sign and complete this project (Item #1) – Continue with
repairs and prep the frame for gilding. (Item #2)
Wednesday – Size the frame (Item #2)
Thursday – Lay leaf on the frame and begin the antiquing process. (Item #2)
Friday – Continue the antiquing of the frame and complete this project. (Item #2)

Please sign up here . If you have difficulty adding yourself to the schedule, contact Elizabeth @

The project may end earlier than scheduled on some days.  We anticipate only needing 5 people per day.

Materials provided by Easy Leaf Products –