Contemporary Stenciling and Gilding – Heidi Zilmer

Dates: August 7,8,9 – This is a 3 day class
Class Price: $670.00
Minimum 3 Student
Max. 15 Students

About the class:

In this creative gilding class, we will work with gilding techniques in new ways. Do you want to work creatively with imitation leaf and various oxidized metals? This class will give you the basic knowledge about various types of metal leaf, acrylic gold sizes and options to work creatively with stencil and transfer techniques.

In this class we will go through

  • Easy wallpaper pattern DIY
  • Gilded paper types and different gilding techniques
  • Various oxidized metal leaf and how to use it creatively
  • Stencil gilded motifs and contemporary stencil designs

• How to use your skewings for beautiful gilded designs.

We’ll work with:

  • Basic techniques within gilding a wallpaper/straight surface
  • Basic techniques within stenciling with various types of metal leaf, binders and options to work decoratively with metal leaf.
  • Basic techniques for transferring a motif/drawing/sketch to wallpaper, canvas, poster, wall or any other surface.

“Most of my designs were created in a combination of curiosity and experimenting. Sometimes the technical flaws create the most beautiful surfaces.  That’s why I say “You can never fail in my class – we always learn and grow from what we create together.”




Materials included in price:

  1. Metal leaf – various types composition
  2. Gold size – acrylic, various types 
  3. Wallpaper – nonwoven  
  4. Chalk, Tape, Mylar stencil polyester film, Transfer paper/pounce paper

Many thanks to W&B Gold Leaf for providing the metal leaf.

Tools Needed:

  • Fine point brushes/pinstriping brushes
  • Mottler brush/ox hair brush for skewings – (Da Vinci Mottler 5080 for example)
  • Stencil brushes/kitchen sponges
  • Stencil knife/blades
  • Pencils
  • Rulers – various kinds/lengths – triangle & straight
  • Regular school chalk
  • Embroidery needle or pounce tools.
  • Varnish rollers  4-8”  with handles, and roller trays.

A Tool Kit including the above is available for $50 from the Instructor.

Please contact instructor for details

About the teacher:

Heidi Zilmer is a renowned Danish wallpaper designer.

Since 2008 she has been working with classic gilding techniques in modern, minimalistic and contemporary ways. Heidi works in a crossfield between tradition and cultural heritage, but she’s never afraid to test materials and techniques in new experimenting ways. This often results in new contemporary designs. The Danish and Japanese minimalism is often the foundation of Heidi’s designs.    “Less is more” but there’s always room for exploring, creativity, and new experiments in her design universe

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