Admin Directions for Web Site – Member Directory

Using the Member Directory

This function is controlled by the plug-in “Connections” on the Dashboard. A member accesses their entry under “Howdy…” and clicks on “Edit my Directory entry”. New members fill in all the information when they register; existing members can edit their information.

For new members:

Step 1:  The first thing to do is go to the box at the top right, called “Publish”, which is a sort of master lever where you choose if you want your name displayed at all. It overrides all the following steps.  If you choose “public”, everyone can see whatever information you decide to make public; if you choose “private”, only members can see it, and “unlisted” means only administrators can see it.

Below that is “add entry” – you’ll click on that when you are all done, to save your choices. (For existing members, this says “update”)

The box below that  is the list of categories/specialties, so check all the ones you want.


Step 2: Let’s use the field “Addresses” as an example for everything else.  There is a little “down” triangle in the right side of the Addresses box.  Click on it, and you’ll see…The box opens a little, and you’ll see “Add Address”.  Click on that and you’ll see…The box  opens all the way, and you can enter your information. On the right, you can choose if you want this particular address to be public, private, etc.  If you want to add a second address (for example, the first might be your business address, and the second your home address) click on the “Add address” box in the bottom right.  Another screen will appear, just like the first address screen, and you can again choose if you want that particular address public, etc.


Go through all of the fields the same way – Phone numbers, email, etc.  You can also upload a small “image”, which will appear next to your bio, and a “logo”, which will appear in the Directory page.  When you are all done. go back to the top of the page and click “Add Entry” to save everything and post it to the Directory.

For existing members: Log in and replace any information already in a box, or open additional boxes.  To delete a specific box altogether, simply click “Remove” to the right of the box.  Remember to click “Update” on the top right of the page. (For new members, this says “add entry”)

For Administrators: When you manually add a member to Connections they are not automatically approved. Simply go to Manage, select Moderate, and hover over the name. Approve is one of the options. The member should be able to access their directory entry now.

To help a member with their entry, Connections>manage>search box for person’s name.  Then hover over their name and click “edit”.


Whenever this plug-in gets updated, the result is that logged in members can ONLY see private listings, rather than private AND public.  Our website designer Kathy is supposed to fix this manually each time, but if she is not available, and you realize it’s not working properly, here’s what you do: Under Connections, click on “roles”.  Hit “reset all roles” on the top right, then “update”.  Check all the boxes under “editor”.  Scroll down, and for “member”, then “student” and all the other membership levels, check  “add entry”,”edit entry”, and “view private entries”. Only those boxes should be checked for each membership level. Then hit “update” and it should fix the problem.