Admin Directions for Website – Store

Store coupon: to change coupon, go to Products > Store Settings > Coupons and add a new coupon name.  It should be changed annually.  The new name should also be updated on the Member Welcome page, and sent out to all new and current members.

To add a new product: Products > add new.  Enter title of item, and in the box below, a description. Under “Product details”, add the price.  If there are different versions, click “add variation” and enter the new version and its price.  Add  “Shipping”.  For an product that is downloaded, “Product download” > upload file.

On the right, check the correct “Product Category”.  To add a picture, go to Product image > select featured image.  Click ion this, and you will go to the media page, where you can click on a previously uploaded image, or click the tab that says “upload files” and add your own image.  Then click “set featured image” at the bottom right.  It may take a while.  If it doesn’t load or show up, it is too big.

Hit “Publish” and you’re done.

Note: There are three levels in the store.  The “store” page, which is fixed, and is what people see when they click on “store”.  Then there is the page for the specific Product Category, which shows the “featured images ” for all the items.  The most recently added product always displays as the image at the top of the Product Category page. Then there is the page for the specific item.  When you add the image to the Product Image box (featured image), two identical images appear on the actual item page, a large one at the top and a smaller one next to the text. The product category appears, as well as all the social icons.


If the store disappears: This means the shopping cart program has updated Programs are supposed to automatically turn themselves back on after updating, but this must not have happened.  Login. Scroll down to Plugins and look at the list of installed plugins. Marketplace Lite should be active. You’ll know it is active when you see ‘deactivate’ as an option beneath the plugin name. If not, you will see ‘activate’ as the option. Click that link and the plugin will be turned on within seconds. 

If a customer does not receive a download: First check that they clicked on the link in the message they got from the store.  This is the download.  If not, then go to “Media” > library and search on article title, or at least the year.  Click on the icon for the article, view the next page.

-If there is a line that says “uploaded to…” then click “View attachment page” in blue below it; store-upload






On the next page, click the blue title = link to pdf.  Download this to your computer and email it to customer.








-If there isn’t such a line, or if the above doesn’t work, copy and paste the URL to a new window and you should be able to download the .pdf.