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Krissie Kalteis

Work Sollner Straße 34 München Bayern 81479 Germany Cell Phone: +61 431791118


Photo of Krissie Kalteis

My passions is gold gilding / gold leafing application & restoration at historical and modern architecture as well to deliver diverse Venetian plaster / stucco applications.

I have the pleasure to work freelance for the Gold Gilding Academy, Sydney with witch I worked in Sydney on diverse private upmarket buildings, at the University of Sydney, in Brisbane and far North Queensland and in Melbourne at the golden wall at the Abbotsford convent. Furthermore I also did my own projects such as a private villa in Toorak and some projects for a musician … 

I am deeply fascinated with Gold gilding (and for that matter any other metal leafs) and it’s possibilities to uplift the energy in a living and working environment. Also my dream since childhood is that: “one day I will restore magnificent heritage buildings to their former glory.” 

As much I love to work in Australia, I am also fascinated to work overseas and love to get some international projects under my belt. 

Eventually, I am thrilled to be able to share this passion with my spouse Dave, who also brings his own complementary skills of French Polishing, Gilding and Shop Fitting to our partnership that we makeup the perfect team for a wide range of restoration work. 

How everything begun

Since childhood I have always been fascinated by historical buildings. My playground was the world longest castle in Burghausen on the Austrian border in Bavaria, Germany.

And by the age of twelve, a castle in Schwaben actually became my home. Much restoration of our new home was required and at that age it became my mother and my responsibility to repaint in- and exterior of the castle with it’s 60 rooms and courtyard!

“My upbringing equipped me with a diverse range of craftsmanship skills and the love to transform dull spaces into beautiful uplifting areas of living.”

This became the first of many painting restoration projects for my family and me, as we ventured in the real estate business for the next ten years. The painting style back in time was somehow different, I worked for the most part with lime paint that we tinted in diverse colours and we used only very big brushes (no rollers…). 

“So began my dream: one day I will restore magnificent heritage buildings to their former glory.”

Many years were to pass before this dream was to become a reality.

I married, had children, travelled and worked in Guatemala, moved to a new country and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanitarian and Community Studies.  

Next to 10 years painting and renovating back in Germany, I started painting professionally in Australia in 2012 and acquired many new contemporary painting skills since. During this time I painted commercial and private homes all over Australia such as I painted in the new Darwin prison pastel colours on cell walls, maintenance park furniture at the Gold Coast, upmarket domestic painting and stucco in Sydney and Melbourne plus over a year maintenance painting at the National Art Gallery of Victoria…

And finally I was able to bring it all together. I undertook the following courses and trainings.

Privately my spouse & I love nature, hiking, camping, the outdoors & travelling.