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Symeon van Donkelaar

Work 1847 Sawmill Road Conestogo Ontario N0B 1N0 Canada Work Phone: 519.664.2061 Website: The Conestoga Iconographic Studio


Symeon van Donkelaar, Iconographer

The main work of the Conestoga Iconographic Studio is the creation of sacred icons for churches and homes. The saints and festivals depicted varies, but is usually connected to the person or congregation commissioning the icon. All of them are created in the same way—using local materials from the village of Conestoga to create a vision of heaven.

Day by day, local wood, soil, plants, and even bones are collected, worked, and offered in the making of an icon. This work is part of a consciousness that seeks to create locally from the place where the studio is located—an embodiment of creating in harmony with our environment. The stylistic-vision of its icons, for which the studio is known, is a gift from the Holy Spirit that embodies an ancient and direct vision. The resulting icons are works of great skill, which witness across Christendom, about our lives of faith and prayer.