Drawing the Acanthus Leaf – Aline Putot

Dates: August 5,6 – This is a 2 day class
Class Price: $470.00
Minimum 2 Student
Max. 10 Students

For all levels 

About the class:

To learn the secrets and hidden codes of ancestral leaves, flowers, and architectural ornaments such as the acanthus leaf. And to learn how to draw the acanthus leaf in its various styles.

In addition to learning how to draw the acanthus leaf in its  various styles, the student will learn to do “true shadow”  (ombre propre) and “projected shadow” (ombre portée). By learning these codes and techniques, the student will be  able to create designs without previous drawing experience.  With the understanding of these ancient codes, the student  will have the tools to create their own design of leaf and  flowers, and this will ease their creative process. These techniques are also the foundation in understanding  la reparure techniques and to reproduce the old designs in  their different and various time settings or eras.

The student is invited to bring their own drawings that they wish to  have corrected, reviewed, or discussed. 



Materials included in price:

  • drawing paper A3 and  A4,  
  • tracing paper  
  • carbon paper  
  • Lead pencils (HB, B,2B) and criterium 0,7 ( ref : Porte-mines –  refillable – Mine de 0,7mm – HB – Faber-Castell – TK-Fine 9717)  
  • A board to fix the sheet of paper  
  • A dry point compass 

Please contact instructor for details

Reading list for further research 

There is only one single book that exists with professional technical  terms, and good pictures of ornaments  Vocabulaire Illustré De L’ornement – Par Le Décor De L’architecture Et  Des Autres Arts – De Evelyne Thomas Edition Eyrolles.  

This book costs 39,50 euros and you can find it directly at the editor  website https://www.editions-eyrolles.com/ 

Beware of other online stores who sell the same book at a more expensive price.

About the teacher:

Aline Putot followed a classical education in literature with studying English, Greek and Latin, and graduated in traditional cabinet making from the institute of St Luc of  Turned in Belgium. She pursued her education at l’Ecole Boulle in Paris to become  sculptor ornemanist. Aline’s fine art artistic path continued to grow with the study of artistic anatomy at the side of Mr Debord in Paris. She worked on restoration project for France National Assembly, creating woodwork for Van Cleef, Arpel, Mr Saffrat, Madam Wildenstein, Tea Peninsulat, L’Oiselon’s project, and the hotel of Luynes room for the Louvre, in the collection of “Mobilier National” with “ le rêve de l’arbre”.  Aside from taking commissions of sculpted work and busts, Aline shows her personal creations in numerous personal exhibitions in Paris or internationally. She shares her knowledge at her studio and teaches ornamental drawing and modeling at the stone carver school in Paris.