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Francis Lestingi Zoom talk from Friday, June 3, 2022, is now available

Francis Lestingi, PhD., is an award-winning sign carver and gilder.  He is President of Signs of Gold and Professor Emeritus of Physics at SUNY Buffalo.  Francis describes the influence of gold on the world, from the molecular level to the space telescope.  He combines his two specialties in an entertaining Zoom presentation when he presents Gold, as you’ve never thought of it before! 

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AUGUST ZOOM LECTURE by Alison Woolley – Recording is now available for our members.  Log in and go to Education > Gilders on Zoom, or click here.

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Alison is a master artisan recognized by the region of Tuscany. She discovered a passion for art when she was very young. She was fortunate to train through art college in Toronto, then through an apprenticeship in the disappearing ‘botteghe’ (small artisan workshops ) in Florence, Italy.







She has become a specialist in decorating harpsichords using hand painting and gilding techniques. This type of decorative work inspired the production of her hand-painted scarves. She works and teaches traditional media in her studio in Florence.