Nihonga – Aline Putot – PR

Dates: August 8,9 – This is 2 day class
Class Price: $470.00
Minimum 3 Student
Max. 10 Students

About the class:

Learn how to create paintings using natural supports, natural pigments and metal oxides, following traditional Japanese ways.

The term nihonga (日本画); paintings made according to the conventions, techniques and materials of traditional Japanese painting have been collected under this name for more than a century. Artists only paint on natural supports (wood, shells, bones, paper or silk). The codes of the mural are repeated with the use of natural pigments, earth or metal oxides. The painting begins with the sketch of the contours made with ink, then the application of colors thanks to glue and pigments.

  • Working the technique on paper
  • Learning to prepare the glue
  • Preparing the paper
  • Attaching the paper to the wood board
  • Preparing the pigments
  • Making gofun
  • Drawing the transfer
  • Ink drawing
  • The student will also learn:
  • How to make gold on paper for transfer on painting,
  • How to oxidise silver foil and copper foil,
  • How to make crumpled wallpaper
  • Each student will make 1 art painting and 4 panels using different technics.
  • I will demonstrate 2 examples of Ogata Korin painting style, on gold leaf

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Materials included in price:

  • 2 large brushes
  • Several colors of watercolor pencils – AQUARELLE brand recommended.
  • 10 loose leaf – 23K gold – donated by

Please contact instructor for details

About the teacher:

Aline Putot followed a classical education in literature with studying English, Greek and Latin, and graduated in traditional cabinet making from the institute of St Luc of Turned in Belgium. She pursued her education at l’Ecole Boulle in Paris to become sculptor ornemanist. Aline’s fine art artistic path continued to grow with the study of artistic anatomy at the side of Mr Debord in Paris. She worked on restoration project for France National Assembly, creating woodwork for Van Cleef, Arpel, Mr Saffrat,

Madam Wildenstein, Tea Peninsulat, L’Oiselon’s project, and the hotel of Luynes room for the Louvre, in the collection of “Mobilier National” with “ le rêve de l’arbre”.

Aside from taking commissions of sculpted work and busts, Aline shows her personal creations in numerous personal exhibitions in Paris or internationally. She shares her knowledge at her studio and teaches ornamental drawing and modelling at the stone carver school in Paris.