Oil Gilding – Metal Leaf Finishes – Michael Kramer (PR)

Dates: August 8-9 – This is 2 day class
Class Price: $565.00
Minimum 5 Student
Max. 10 Students

In this 2 day class students will learn the history and  the basics of oil gilding, from preparation to installation. Using imitation gold leaf, copper leaf , aluminum leaf, genuine gold leaf and mica powders, participants will prepare and gild a variety of surfaces including flat panels and complex moldings.

Techniques covered will include matt gilding,  broken leaf gilding, double gilding and inlays as well as “flash” gilding with mica powders. We will use acrylic size as well as quick and slow oil sizes. Basic toning will also be covered.

Early registration ends June 14! After registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access all conference classes.

Material requirement:

Student need to bring nitrile or latex gloves and some brushes and other items which are easily found in local art supply stores.
An extensive materials list will be sent out to all registered students.

About the teacher:

Michael Kramer – President, founder and lead gilder and painter of The Gilders’ Studio, Inc.  Mr. Kramer acts as Project Manager and lead artisan on all projects.

The Gilders’ Studio was founded in 1985, specializing in architectural gilding, decorative painting and conservation of sculpture. He’s  taught Gilding and Decorative Painting at the Smithsonian since 1987 as well as at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, the Center for the Gilding Arts and for the Society of Gilders. He has several articles published on Architectural Gilding and Decorative Painting as well as having a chapter on Exterior Architectural Gilding included in the book Gilded Metals.  Michael’s company has conserved the gilding in the Washington Monument and the painted inscriptions in the Lincoln Memorial. We also worked on Freedom atop the US Capitol as well as the Golden Boy in Manitoba and Augustus.

Saint-Gaudens’ masterpiece; the Sherman Monument in Central Park. Our work has taken us to the Pacific Rim, the Bahamas, Macau, Dubai and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. 

Most recently, Michael was the recipient of Craftsmanship Award from Preservation Maryland for the preparation and  gilding of the MD Statehouse cupola in Annapolis, MD.

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Michael Kramer