Printing on Hand-Gilded Paper – Barrie Lynn Bryant

Dates: August 8,9 – This is a 2 day class
Class Price: $430.00
Minimum 5 Student
Max. 10 Students

All Levels from Beginning to Advanced

About the class:

What participants will learn in my workshop is how to use high karat gold leaf in their digital printmaking process. 

The main learning objectives are as follows:

  1. View, evaluate, and discuss previous student examples. Which ones work best and which ones fail?
  2. Identify karat gold leaf in two karats and shades, 23k XX Deep Gold and 22K Moon Gold, and compare karat gold with imitation leaf
  3. Explore the process by which gold leaf can be affixed to a paper substrate and prepare paper to receive gold. 
  4. Apply two types of karat gold leaf, surface/loose and patent/affixed, to a paper substrate (the bulk of our projects will use patent/affixed for ease of application)
  5. Prepare the gilded surface with a digital ground
  6. Understand Canon vs. Epson printers 
  7. See a virtual mock-up and make test prints onto fine art paper and paper prepared with imitation leaf
  8. Transfer digital files to the karat gold surface
  9. Consider self-created vs. distributor-provided custom framing options
  10. Investigation time: looking at alternative methods.

These are the basic steps to a rather in-depth experimental process. My workflow is all about what I can create from scratch to finish and from inception to exhibition in my own studios. As you know, photographers often farm out the printing responsibilities to photo and digital services labs. Gilders rarely step outside of their “Goldfinger” realm of turning things into gold. And custom framers mostly stick to the buy/sell relationships of providing matting and chop moulding options that they select, construct, and deliver to their customers.



Materials included in price:
Paper/paints/gold leaf size/digital ground/fixatif/protective sleeves. Gold is being provided in-kind by Urban J. Billmeier of W&B Gold Leaf. InkAID digital ground is being provided by Jim Kedenburg of Ontario Specialty Coatings Corp.

About the teacher:

Barrie Lynn Bryant is a multidisciplinary artist with innovations in frame design, woodworking, gilding, digital imaging, and photography. He began designing and making picture frames for his late wife Annabelle’s artwork in 1995 as a means to save money. When he discovered gilding for frames in 1999, he broke open his piggy bank, spent all of his savings on karat gold leaf, and began gilding frames on his own. Together, he and his wife won more than 200 awards in juried art shows throughout the US as well as 10 grants from Wyoming Arts Council. Although Annabelle passed away on April 27, 2022, Barrie has remained “all-in” for picture frames, gilding, and art.

Barrie’s teaching experience in gilding includes presenting various gilding classes at the 2017, 2018, and 2020 West Coast Art & Frame Expo in Las Vegas;

presenting his Simple, Versatile, and Accessible Gilding two-day workshop at the Museum for the Gilding Arts in Pontiac, IL during fall 2018; an 8-week “creative aging” expanded Simple, Versatile, and Accessible Gilding course in Worland, WY during fall 2023; an 8-week “creative aging” expanded Printing on Hand-Gilded Paper course in Worland, WY from January 18- March 7, 2024; for the Wyoming Professional Photographers Association, a 7-hour day workshop of Printing on Hand-Gilded Paper in Casper, WY, March 22, 2024, during their annual convention.

Barrie has authored and published 12 periodical features about gilding and frames, featuring in Picture Framing Magazine, American Woodturner, Fine Woodworking, and The Gilder’s Tip. His Gilding for Woodturners 101 (Aug.-Sep. 2020) is the most comprehensive mordant size gilding related article published in a periodical. In partnership with the American Association of Woodturners, Fine Woodworking magazine (circulation 150,000) shared Barrie’s American Woodturner articles on their website.

As a photographer, Barrie is a soup to nuts documentarian. He currently focuses on the cultural heritage and resources of Wyoming and their influences on contemporary life. During the second half of 2022, Barrie produced the Bighorn Basin Documentary Photography Project with a $25,000 grant from the Wyoming Arts Council. The project is a first-of-its-kind program and exhibition that Barrie invented, produced, curated, and donated to the Wyoming State Museum. With a broad knowledge of the arts and a 34-year career to guide him, Barrie currently documents the Arapaho Ranch and its Field Station in southwest Hot Springs County where he works as the program and site coordinator for the Northern Arapaho Tribe. Barrie is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Wyoming Professional Photographers Association, and a US Marine Corps veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

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