Sgraffito, Granito/ Amati, Sablé, Pastiglia – Bruno Toupry – PR

Dates: August 5,6 – This is 2 day class
Class Price: $825.00
Minimum 2 Student
Max. 10 Students

Level Intermediary

About the class:

The objective of these courses is to teach decorative techniques for water gilded surfaces: 

Pastiglia (relief gesso), Sgraffito (engraving through egg tempera paint layers to reveal gilded designs/decorations), punching and incising. 

During these two days, the student will learn these 4 timeless decoration techniques, which comprise learning how to make tempera paint, gesso sottile, tempera red bowl, and gilding tempera. 

They will also learn how to use the tools, such as the burnishing agate stone. To serve as working documents and art history references, the teacher will provide the students with pieces of gilded wood from the 17th and 18th century eras.

This technique consists of covering the gilding or silvering with an opaque layer of paint called tempera. This is then partially removed with a wooden needle, tracing patterns that reveal the metal. This decor appeared around 1500 AD and more particularly on shrines, and altars religious ornaments. 

This technique was widely used on French frames during the reign of King Louis IV (1643-1715) until the 19th century. It consists of sticking river sand on the wood before being gilded. This sand symbolizes the Jordan in which Jesus was baptized.

This technique consisted in making reliefs using gesso sotille, on vellum (lamb skin parchment). Later, in the 16th century in Italy, this technique was used to make ornaments on gilded wooden frames. 

This technique of the late 15th century or so, consisted in making drawings using round punches, star, moon… on the gilding (ex: in the halo of the Saints)

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Materials included in price:

The student will receive 2 frames and 1 panet:

  • Frame #1 is about 10 X 10 inches, prepared with 8 coats of gesso, gilded with Manetti 23 karats (17g/1000 leaf) and burnished (for sgraffito and amati practice).
  • Frame #2 is about 10 X 10 inches, prepared with 8 coats of gesso (for pastiglia practice).
  • The panel is about 7.5 X7.5 inches, prepared with gesso (for the sablé practice)

And will be provided with:

  • Pencil, paper
  • Pigments of their choice
  • Punching tools will be available to share within the workshop
  • Brushes
  • Fish glue,
  • Ceruse white,
  • white bolus,
  • rabbit skin glue 
  • sand
  • organic eggs
  • Meudon white (carbonate de calcium)
  • Wooden stick tools for creation of the sgraffito will be provided. 

The student is invited to bring a small hammer and a punching tool (optional) or will communicate with the teacher if not.

Please contact instructor for details

About the teacher:

Bruno Toupry – Master Gilder

Bruno Toupry is the founder of Atelier du Nombre D’or at Paris. He’s a master artisan recognised by the city of Paris. Over the years his specialized work blossomed into an expertise in creating luxuriously decorated surfaces of many kinds, from traditional and contemporary works of arts such as harpsichord decoration or mural interiors. Bruno teaches for 20 years and loves to share extensively about his expertise. 


  • Maître artisan doreur a la feuille ?
  • Fournisseur officiel du Mobile National.
  • City of Paris Silver Medal.