Toning – Bruno Toupry – PR


Dates: August 7 – This is 1 day class
Class Price: $270.00
Minimum 3 Student
Max. 10 Students

About the class:

The student will work on a minimum of 3 or more golden objects that they bring from home. These objects will be objects of study and serve as references for different techniques. 

Ideally, these must be a collection of both water gilded objects and oil gilded objects (mixtion). If not possible to bring a mix, any gilded object will work. 

You will learn to age your gold to give it from a fifty, up to a 200 years old look!

Early registration ends June 14! After registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access all conference classes.


Materials included in price:
Tools and materials will be provided:

  • 1 or 2 old brushes with hard and short hair 
  • brushes (logs)
  • Acrylic and oil raw and burnt umber colors
  • turpentine,
  • a collection of earth pigments 
  • gold color gilding wax
  • Gold color mineral pigment

Material required by students

Students must bring 2 objects minimum and up to 15 inches tall.

Please contact instructor for details

About the teacher:

Bruno Toupry – Master Gilder .

Bruno Toupry is the founder of Atelier du Nombre D’or at Paris. He’s a master artisan recognised by the city of Paris. 

Over the years his specialized work blossomed into an expertise in creating luxuriously decorated surfaces of many kinds, from traditional and contemporary works of arts such as harpsichord decoration or murals interiors. Bruno teaches for 20 years and loves to share extensively about his expertise. 


  • Maitre artisan doreur a la feuille 
  • Fournisseur officiel du Mobile National. 
  • City of Paris Silver Medal