Traditional Kintsugi – The Beauty in Imperfection – Catherine Lignier

Dates: August 5,6,7 – This is a 2.5 day class
Class Price: $720.00
Minimum 5 Student
Max. 10 Students

The course is appropriate for all levels, and no previous experience is needed.

About the class:

In this class, you will receive complete instructions on how to repair a broken ceramic and give it new life. The authentic Japanese practice of Kintsugi is an ancestral method that uses Urushi lacquer and pure gold powder. 

The training I received was passed down within one family of 3 generations of Urushi masters.

Urushi is food-safe, enabling you to use your ceramic piece again, integrating it back into your daily life with its exquisite repair.

In this course, you will learn the history of this technique and the basics.

  • The history of Urushi (Japanese lacquer)
  • The history of Kintsugi
  • The origins of gold and its use in Kintsugi
  • The process of repairing a chipped piece
  • The process of repairing a broken piece



Materials included in price:

Kintsugi starter kit included in the price comprises 24 different items such as genuine and pure gold powder, urushi lacquer, Red Urushi, Tonoko powder, humidor, and more…
Materials will be provided at the time of class.

Please contact instructor for details

About the teacher:

Catherine Lignier, founder of Studio Mamaki, is a professional gilder (24 years), and an artist focused on the use of ancestral art practices and techniques. She works on Buddhist temples internationally, on landmarks

of public and religious importance in the US, and does restoration and original art for private clients.

She was the recipient of the California Preservation Foundation 2021 Preservation Design Award for craftsmanship/preservation Technology. Catherine is a member of the Society of Gilders, and taught Kintsugi and gilding in the traditional Japanese Lacquer art practices at the Global Gilding Symposium online event in 2023.

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