Understanding the Instacol system – Richard Walker


Dates: August 8,9 – This is a 2 day class
Class Price: $550.00
Minimum 3 Student
Max. 10 Students

About the class:

 This topic will introduce students to a wide range of contemporary gilding practice through the Instacol systems. It will also show tweaks and methods of improving existing gilding through a range of widely unknown products and secrets.

This course will cover a wider range of Instacol products than is usually taught. It will explore the relationships between the products, as well as showcase a few ‘secret’ methods of producing high quality work. This course will be completed through a series of exercises. Students may work on their own projects if they desire. This course is aimed at anyone who has an interest in the contemporary application systems available.

Products Showcased:

  1. Instacol Base
  2. Instacol Matt
  3. Instacol Rapid
  4. Instacol Miniatum
  5. Instacol Miniatum Ink
  6. KKK Fond Water-gilding System
  7. Feldmanns Prep and Advanced Oil-gilding Systems

There is also the opportunity of introducing other products that are due to be released closer to the conference dates.



Materials included in price:

All tools provided by the instructor at no additional charge to the student.

Please contact instructor for details 

About the teacher:

Richard Walker studied gilding at the University of Portsmouth, gaining a 1st class B.A.Hons degree. He has since been gilding for nearly twenty five years and teaching for almost twenty. He has developed a global reputation with top artists, framers, furniture designers, interior designers and museums where he’s recognised for creating new and interesting ways of gilding surfaces in traditional and modern methods.
Regularly teaching at many renowned places of learning, including West Dean College of Arts and Conservation, Chippendale International School of Furniture and the Makers Society in Dubai, he also has a private teaching practice in which he has taught over 1000 individuals how to incorporate gilding into their works. In other areas, Richard provides consultation and gliding practice in many areas, including historic furniture, contemporary developments and much more. He’s also personally trained by Peter Voshart in all the Kolner and Instacol products of which he is a keen advocate.

I teach traditional and contemporary styles of gilding across, the board, including oil-gilding, water-gilding, glass gilding, furniture restoration and the Instacol systems. I take a very personal and organic approach to providing instruction. Garnering an understanding of the students background and future aspirations ensure correct and fluid progress is made in the areas they are most interested in. I also love breaking traditional rules of gilding by trying new things, and allowing expansion of the horizon of this prestigious craft.